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How It Works

  • Register on the app Provide your contact information to register on the HarvesTrolley app
  • Or Call for HarvesTrolleyto stop by your house so you can shop in private for what you need from our mobile grocery store. HarvesTrolley is stocked with the most common grocery items and basic essentials.
  • Complete your shopping list Order fresh meats, milk, eggs, or anything else you need through our website or app
  • Personal Shoppers to serve you Connect with your personal shopper via SMS to manage or get updates on your order
  • Yippee! Your order is delivered!Your groceries and essentials are delivered to your door with minimum wait time and maximum security

Download the harvestrolley app

To enjoy handpicked produce, groceries, and household essentials at a reasonable price

Enjoy the convenience of our on-demand grocery application

Get groceries delivered in less than an hour to your doorstep securely without having to go to the market. Whether you need chocolate syrup or a gallon of water, we’ll get it for you.

Small convenience fee

We charge a small convenience fee of $2.99 to bring groceries and essentials to your front door with excellent customer satisfaction and fast delivery.

We bring the grocery store to your front door

Choose items for delivery, or shop directly from the Trolley. Either way, we’ll get your groceries to you quickly and conveniently.

Quick, Safe, Secure Delivery

We work on the concept of customer satisfaction and we will deliver your order in a timely manner to your front door so that you can remain safely at home.


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