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Become a Restaurant

New merchants get 0% commission on all delivery orders for their first 60 days when they sign up. Harvestrolley can help your business reach more customers, get valuable sales insights, and unlock new ways to grow with flexible delivery options. Partner with us today to receive this limited-time offer.

We do not sell or share your contact information.


Why Harvestrolley?

Deliver with your own style.
Our services are adaptable, allowing you to tailor them to your specific requirements. Start with your own delivery persons or use the Harvestrolley platform to connect with delivery people.

Deliver inside your own style.
Increase your visibility.
To attract even more customers and boost sales, use in-app marketing.

Build interaction with the client
With relevant data insights, you may transform consumers into regulars, reply to reviews, or provide a loyalty program.

Unlock new opportunities for growth.
Thousands of Harvestrolley app users in your region may be looking for meals. We can help you reach those people by working with Harvestrolley and adding your business to the platform.

Amaze customers
You can please clients with the food they want—when and where they want it—with dependable delivery from delivery persons who use the Harvestrolley network.

With comfort, you can handle everything.
With Harvestrolley restaurant software, numerous integration options, and assistance when you need it, orders can go smoothly.

How Harvestrolley works for restaurant partners?

Customers place their orders.
A customer finds your business on the Harvestrolley app and makes an order.

You plan ahead of time.
The order is accepted and prepared by your restaurant.

Delivery team arrives
Harvestrolley drivers pick up your order from your restaurant and deliver it to the consumer.

In just three easy steps, you can get started.

1-Tell us a little bit about your restaurant.
2-Create your menu and upload it.
3-Go live with the Restaurant Dashboard!

Additional questions?

What is the time frame for becoming a partner?
It's easy to become a Harvestrolley restaurant partner and start receiving orders in as little as a few days, depending on how many locations you have. You may start the process by registering here. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Who is in charge of each delivery?
Our Harvestrolley independent drivers may all deliver to your consumers using the Harvestrolley platform. Restaurants do not need to have their own delivery workers because of the Harvestrolley platform's network of delivery people. However, if you have your own team, we can work with them as well.

What is the range of delivery?
This varies depending on the city. We can evaluate delivery coverage and your location to assist you in determining the best delivery area for your restaurant.

What tools do restaurant partners get from Harvestrolley?
Restaurant partners may use an API system with Restaurant Dashboard to keep track of new orders and handle delivery on a daily basis. Menus, payment information, sales statistics, and customer insights are all accessible through the Harvestrolley Manager platform. We have a tech staff that makes sure both tools are up to date and working well on a daily basis.